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Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019-Can you make money online with WA?

You are here probably because you want to make money online, and you may want to know whether wealthy affiliate platform can really help you to make money on the Internet. Well, you are in the right place, at the right time…your questions are going to be answered in this article, and by the end of it, you will have more insights about Wealthy Affiliate that will help you to make a decision whether to delve into the platform as we start 2019. is committed to provide accurate information to guide you so you can make an informed decision. Like most other reviews, we aspire to give you insider information on any platform that we review, and wealthy affiliate is no different in this case.

I know you may not want to get into programmes blindly, I wouldn’t especially if it is a platform that I am planning to spend some quality time on to try to make myself a sustainable online business.

Wealthy affiliate has been here for 13 years and has over 1.4million members hailing from over 193 countries

Let’s get right in…

Wealthy affiliate- Overview and Rankings;

  • Name: Wealthy Affiliate
  • Category and Niche: Make money online, Affiliate marketing training, online business, Blogging training and tools
  • Founder: Kyle and Carson
  • Website:
  • Support: 98/100
  • Training: 95/100wealthy affiliate business
  • Success stories: 92/100
  • Research tools: 95/100
  • Hosting tools: 98/100
  • Website builder: 94/100
  • Newbie friendly: 98/100
  • Price: Starter (Free), Premium $49 per month/ $359 per year
  • Legit or Scam: Legit
  • rating of WA: 96/100

Can you make money online with WA?

This is one of the important questions that you are probably hoping that this review will answer. We at are not going to fail you;

we all need moneyYES, You can make money online with wealthy affiliate.

The platform teaches how to make money online with affiliate marketing. You learn how to market affiliate products/Services and earn commissions.

Wealthy affiliate will teach you how to promote all the top brands in the world through affiliate programs. As a Wealthy Affiliate member, you get to learn how to choose from close to 600 million products/services and easily promote them on your sites(Built for free in WA). No inventory. No shipping. No support providing required.

The platform in itself has an affiliate programme whereby you promote the platform itself and earn handsome commissions.

I reckon that with the training from wealthy affiliate you can pretty much promote anything that is sell-able better, and you are guaranteed sales.

Affiliate boot camp-Where top-notch affiliate marketers are made

Wealthy affiliate boot camp will teach you, in detail, how to succeed in affiliate marketing. You can succeed online and make huge returns by just promoting the platform alone. You are taken through the process of how to do this in the affiliate boot camp at WA.

=>>>>Check out Wealthy affiliate’s bootcamp training here FOR FREE

The wealthy affiliate programme is very attractive with huge rewards. $1000+ months are within your reach with wealthy affiliate programme on it is own. There are members who make $5000+ in a week, pretty attractive if you ask me.

Awesome Support on W.A

At WA, You get expert coaching when you need help or advice. There is immense support on the platform, too much of it infact, but worth it. You wealthy affiliate supportget to interact with experts and newcomers alike on the platform. You have a chance to clone what the leaders in the industry are doing to achieve results, or you can tweak their methods and customize to your brand. With wealthy affiliate there is no room for failing if you do the process, as you are going to get all the support you need.

  1. Live chat: Get answered on the go, literally. You post a question, concern, or request a clarification and experts reply to you with a myriad of perspectives and/opinions.You can pretty much ask anything on the live chat and you are guaranteed to get answers from experts in the Industry.
  2. Message: As a premium member, you can contact anyone privately by sending them a message on the platform. This comes in handy if you don’t want your message to be viewed by everybody else, but the recipient of your message.
  3. Site Support: Here you get technical support on the websites should you need any. You let support know about the problem you are facing and they sort you out.

The key aspect I love regards to the community at Wealthy affiliate is that there is a lot of sharing of information that happens on the platform. Experts literally tell tales of how they have achieved certain milestones. New articles are often shared by top affiliates so you see exactly what is making money for them and you can borrow a leaf to bolster your success.

The motivation that you get on wealthy affiliate is immense, and everyday you feel like you are rejuvenated to aim for success.

Make money quickly?

WA is not a get-rich-quick platform, you have to learn the process and apply. You need to exercise patience as you go through the learning curve. You also need to be consistent as you build your online empire and the money will start trickling in.

Realistically, you can start getting hundreds of dollars a month in the first 2-5 months depending on a myriad of things including the work you put in.

Anywhere from 6 months to a year with the platform, and with consistency with following the process and taking action, you start seeing $1000+ months and this keeps increasing.

You must be an action taker to succeed on wealthy affiliate (and any other platform for that matter).

>>>>You can start your journey on WA now by clicking here, and it is FREE to join

Is Wealthy affiliate Newbie friendly?

WA is newbie friendlyWealthy affiliate has systematized the learning process, whereby you finish a step and then you can move to the following one and so on.

You can start even if you know nothing about online income or affiliate marketing.

Training is step by step, and even has a smart key that keeps track of your progress and shows you where to continue from when you stopped when you next want to resume training.

The community is so caring and you will feel at home as a member of WA. Here you will network with leaders in the industry.

At WA, you will build profit ready websites, with no prior skill or experience required

Wealthy affiliate tools-what affiliate marketers need.

The online tools provided in the platform are of immense capabilities, and I feel were handpicked by Kyle and Carson with the affiliate marketer in mind.

Hosting: Wealthy affiliate offers a managed WordPress hosting to members. WA hosting is matched by very few hosts in the industry in terms of quality, security, speed, and support. It definitely is not a budget host like the other shared hosting companies out there, even though the value provided in this hosting exceeds the quality of even top tier packages around, some of which charge up to $250 per month in some of their packages.

As a free member, you get to host 2 sites for free. When you get to premium membership, you can host up to 50 websites for free, with no compromise on quality whatsoever. This is utmost value for your money if you ask me. It can not get any better than this I reckon.

You can import domains that you own on other web hosting platforms and have them hosted at WA.

Sitebuilder: At wealthy affiliate, you get to build your sites on the go usingsite bulder and hosting the inbuilt site builder. You can create a ready website in 30 seconds, literally. Now this is unparalleled in the industry and I see so much value in this.

Whether you are a free or premium member, you have access to WordPress themes that you can use to build websites on the forum. There are over 3000 unique themes that are customizable to your liking at WA.

Site content: This tool at Wealthy affiliate will enable you to create captivating and catchy posts which you can publish to your websites with the click of a button. The tool has a functionality to check for grammar and spelling mistakes, which you can rectify before publishing. You can also edit already published posts and pages on your sites and make quick updates easily using this tool.

Sitecomments: This feature enables wealthy affiliate members to trade comments to posts and pages to help each other with bolstering ranking on google.

As a certified commentor*, you can earn (and cash out) by commenting on other people’s posts. All the comments you give will be earning you either cash credits* or community credits*

Each alternate comment you make, after doing 50 comments you earn $0.5. Now this can really add up and earn you some good money on the platform. You can make as many comments as you wish subject to availability of posts that need commenting on.

A certified commentor is one who has provided 50 qualified comments on posts within the platform and is also a premium member.

Cash credits and community credits. Cash credits carry a value of $0.5 and community credits can be exchanged on the platform for comments to your posts, which gives your publications more engagement and helps immensely with ranking.

If you can do 100 cash credits a day by just commenting… That’s a cool $1500 for the month which you can cash out no problems.

keyword researchJaaxy research tool: This is an awesome tool, bundled up in the platform as well that you can take advantage of to find keywords that will rank on Google. The tool provides real time statistics from Google Analytics and if you take advantage of this, your sites will always rank on Google.

With Jaxy, you can find millions of keywords and niches to expound on and you are able to spy on your competition in whichever niches you are targeting, giving you as a WA an edge in your niche.

Legit platform

Wealthy affiliate is a legitimate business opportunity and there is no chance that what you earn can be stolen, swindled or taken away from you in unscrupulous ways. Cashing out your earning is easy enough and straight forward. You as the user, you set your minimum withdrawal threshold. Payments are automated in the system, and are made every 1st of each month.

What you earn on Wealthy affiliate you get, all of it.

Is wealthy affiliate worth the salt?wealthy affiliate thumbs up

I know of platforms that charge upwards of $400 a month….with a fraction of value that Wealthy affiliate offers.

With $359, you can get an annual premium membership with wealthy affiliate and concentrate on building your online empire.

With the research that we at have conducted on the platform, I reckon that joining wealthy affiliate is one of the best online decisions you will ever make.

I highly recommend anyone looking to make money online to take this opportunity and create an account at wealthy affiliate.

Wealthy affiliate is a business in a box, that any of the following can take advantage of;

  • Students in colleges and universities
  • Retirees looking for income sources
  • Those underpaid looking for extra income online
  • Those who are looking to break out of their current jobs
  • Those who are looking to supplement their current income from job or business
  • Aspiring and experienced bloggers.
  • Aspiring and seasoned affiliate marketers
  • Stay at home moms

Be ready to take action

Once you join wealthy affiliate, you need to follow the system and take action.

Like any other platform, you will not succeed if you create an account and hope that the work will be done for you.

You will get immense training and guidance that you need, and you have to act on it to be successful.

>>>>Make a free account here and take action to achieve your goals.

You will be able to transform your ideas into profit with WA. If you already have a niche, you will be able to bring out your expertise to the world, and cash on it exponentially. If you do not have a niche, or do not know your niche, WA will help you discover what you can delve in and make money. Your potential will be unlocked. Everybody is individually different and WA brings that out so you can benefit from your uniqueness.

Ask yourself, Do you know anything? Your answer will be yes, I can bet on it! If yes, you have a niche already. If for some reason your answer is NO well, WA will still help you to come up with ideas to cash on.

Affiliate boot camp for instance leads you to a niche chosen for you already, where you just plugin, follow the training, take action and you are in profit.

WA is the go to platform for ALL affiliate marketers, newbies and experts alike.

Join and have a look at the features that you need to succeed. You deserve it!

Parting shot + Special BONUSES

make money with wealthy affiliateMuch as I have tried to give some detail about what you should expect to find on Wealthy affiliate, I just cannot exhaust the platform, it’s laden with all but value, and lots of it for that matter.

I recommend you check it out yourself and am certain you will like it. Wealthy affiliate is like no other in the Industry.

>>>create your free account here. 

How to claim your bonuses

Once you join as a free member, I will offer some awesome bonuses including a 59% discount on your first month if you decide to upgrade to premium within 7 days.

Within 12 hours of you joining, I will contact you personally on your profile to help you as you start your fruitful journey at WA. I will also offer you my bonuses that will catapult your success, trust me you will love this.

Let’s connect on the inside


Until next time,

To your online moneys


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Comments (12)

  1. Six months ago I came across this platform while I was searching ways to earn money online. I joined the train of this platform when I was given the free starter membership offer and since then I have never looked back. I realised that was what I needed to make REAL money without scams. Before that I had wasted time and money on get-rich-quick schemes and other programs that couldn’t deliver to my expectation. Some took my money away without even saying hi. 

    I recommend it to anyone who want to make real money online because it has helped me a lot. With the exceptional support within the community, you’re bound to succeed if you take the training serious. Thanks for sharing this. 

    • Hello DerrAd,

      Thanks for sharing. I bet you are enjoying your time at wealthy affiliate hither to

      Best regards

  2. Victor,

    Excellent review of Wealthy Affiliate.  I’ve seen other online marketing sites, but they are either scams or just don’t compare to Wealthy Affiliate.  

    As an adult educator with an emphasis in workforce development, I can tell you that the training offered in Wealthy Affiliate is second to none.  It takes you step by step through the process to build your own business.

    The community is excellent, too.  Everyone is generous with their time and advice.


  3. Hi, you have done a great job with specific information about posting real online earning opportunity. Now a days, it is very hard to find a genuine and consistent source of income and some time I am disturbed by scammers. But now I believe and have same opinion and agreed with you that Wealthy Affiliate is perfect source of earning money while learning lot’s of things for advance digital marketing. I already have joined this site as a premium member and started earning. Thanks for sharing great review with us.

    • I share the same feeling about scams, I detest scammers. We have the joy in being part of an amazing platform at WA and all we need to do is share the good news.

      Best regards

  4. This is a very informative review about making money with Wealthy Affiliate. I had doubts before about this platform so I tried the Starter membership which is free. I can say that this is the best platform so far that I get involved with. What I really like is the always available support from the community of successful internet marketers. I highly recommend this platform as a real business investment.

  5. Hi, I only have few weeks of experience in WA. I have much to learn from you. Your site is informative and comprehensive. these include tools, support, training, overview and rankings. I have a question regarding the rankings, where can i get these rankings information? I just curious, i have not seen these before, are these your own rankings? Regards,

    • Hello Avery, Many thanks for your question.
      The rankings are the sole opinion of basing on what we have rated Wealthy affiliate(and any other platform) that we review. Our objective is to give guidance to our readers on any platform that we review so that they have an informed decision.
      I hope this helps.

      I am happy to give you guidance inside wealthy affiliate as well should you require. Write an email to and include your wealthy affiliate profile name so that I can contact you.

      Best regards

  6. Oh yes. Wealthy Affiliates is what I had been looking for. I always thought that I could never manage an online business because there are so many technical aspects to it. Like you said, the support is phenomenal. There are always several answers to my questions and many training videos that are easy to understand. The best thing about WA is the ability to earn income in a variety of ways while helping others. Great platform !!!

    • Hello JJ and thank you for your comment.

      Yes, WA is like no other platform, the best in the affiliate marketing field.

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