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Ways to Earn money Online for College Students

ways to make money for college students


Imagine the privilege of getting free cash from home (parents and/guardians) and SOME MORE MONEY from a different source!! Without a doubt, having extra cash while you are in college is a boon! Whether you need some extra cash to have you some fun, buy books, or do your laundry, the internet is a great place to find a wide array of options.

Is extra money what you are looking for? In this post we are going to elaborate just that, ways to earn money online for college students. You will get answers that you are looking for because this article will shed a bright light on the most reliable sources of income on the internet.

For starters, just so you know. To make money on the Internet, you have to understand that  something has to be sold, ‘something’ here denoting a good or a service. I will be explaining to you what to sell so you make money online, and lots of it.

Why the internet?

Although there are offline options for you such as working in a confectionery, the internet gives free hand and flexibility, and you can earn a lot of money to reckon that you may not need to be employed after college. If you have started looking for online jobs, you will notice the unending list of options there is. The list is so big that you can, and most often than not, you will end up being overwhelmed with the choices you’ve got.

Isn’t it interesting that you can express your capability and passion with internet connectivity and a computer(or phone)? And what’s more, you will GET PAID for doing it in your free time, without jeopardizing time for your studies.

Interestingly, we have shortlisted the most viable options for you to choose from. Read along.

1. YouTube

Want to make quick money on the internet? Try YouTube! Can you make videos of about anything useful (not immoral) that can appeal to the masses? If yes, you can make money on YouTube. With the following steps, you will be on your way to cashing in that extra money soon enough.

  • Create a YouTube channel. Its free for all and easy to create.
  • Start making captivating videos. To begin with, you will have to make a compilation of unique and engaging videos. Start by thinking about what the society needs to hear – inspirational thoughts, hacks, anything worthwhile.
  • Upload the videos on your channel.
  • Ensure to rank the videos on Google search results to maximize on the number of views that you get on your videos. Use Jaaxy tool to research content about your videos to ensure they rank on google so you get a lot of views. It’s fun to search actually, just type any keyword below you see for yourself, and It’s free for up to 30 searches.

  • Apply for Google ad sense for free, so that you can monetize your YouTube channel. You see, google will place ads on your channel and as people watching your videos get to see the ads, and maybe click on them, you get paid. Cool, isn’t it?

If you’d rather NOT SHOW YOUR FACE IN VIDEOS, you can choose from the following ways to make money online for college students and you will sure find a method that is just for you.

2. Freelancer Writing

The increase in demand for freelance jobs is very alarming, and for students, it’s actually a good thing. If you do not know already, you can get paid for completing tasks for other people on the Internet.

While there are so many ways you can cash in online as a freelancer, I have handpicked writing as one of the best online jobs that you can do in your free time and in the comfort of your hostel. You can write paid-for content, in some, or all of the following categories;typing

  • Article writing.
  • Ebooks writing.
  • Product reviews.
  • Copywriting.
  • Novels.
  • Transcription

and so forth…

However, the most sought-after is ‘article writing’. Are you passionate about writing? Perhaps you are a wordsmith with creative ideas in writing? Good news, many website owners cannot wait to get a hold of you (and your skills), and they are willing to pay top dollar for quality work.

Start converting your writing passion into income, get hired to execute a writing task.

How do you start?

Reputable websites where you can meet clients include Hirewriters, Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr. These sites require you to create a legitimate profile and create a gig that describes your field of strength.

Create your account in any of these websites and start turning your words into money.

3. Turn the photos you take into moneyearn from photo uploads

It is time to sell those fascinating pictures in your gallery in exchange for cash. If your strength is in photography, capturing awesome pictures, you can make extra money by putting your pictures up for sale. Yes, SELL THEM, There are organizations and companies that are willing to throw in good money to acquire creative art.

Upload your pictures on and you will earn money for every download of your pictures.

4. Earn quick and easy money

Without expending brain power or energy, there are options to earn quick money. Some recommended options are:

  • Donate plasma – This paid donation platform is perhaps the quickest and easiest method of earning income. All you will need to donate include time and blood. Simple, isn’t it? I hope your blood is clean!
  • Write comments on blog postsThis is another cool way to earn money online whilst still in college. How would you like to earn $0.5 for every 50 word comment you write on other people’s blog posts and is qualified? And yes, there is no limit to how many comments you can write. Read here about how you can do this (opens in new tab).
  • Surveys platforms – The legitimate survey companies are also great options. It becomes even interesting when these companies offer mobile apps so that you can earn money while attending lectures.
  • Mystery Call – Mystery calls and mystery shopping do not require mobility. With a couple of phone calls, a few notes, and a standard report, you can earn a rough sum of $15 on each call. Now, imagine you make about 10 calls a day, how much will you make in a month?
  • Sell T-shirts – You can forge dynamic and innovative T-shirt designs in college and put them up for prints on CafePress or Zazzle. If you could support the course with a bit of marketing, you may be on your way to earning four figures in a month. Take advantage of the power of the Internet(especially social media) and advertise your products. You can also sell on EBay.

5. Start earning commissions when other people’s products get sold.

As aforementioned, for money to be made on the Internet, a good or a service has to be sold. What if you do not have a good or a service to sell? Well you can EASILY facilitate a good or a service owned by other people to be sold on the Internet and you will earn commission. Awesome right? The process you will use here, in not so many words is called affiliate marketing. And you can learn about it for free at wealthy affiliate. Read about that here (opens in a new tab)

In this present day age, many students are smart enough to uphold stellar performances in their studies while managing extracurricular activities. In case, you fall within this category of students, why not spend the extra time doing an online job and finishing off every month with a pocket full of money? Take action, you owe yourself that.


make money with affiliate marketingWhile I am cognisant that you are in college, learning a skill (and making credentials) that you hope to make use of to get employed, I need to let you know that employment is not the answer to your financial freedom.

I am sure you can relate and have seen that there are minimal benefits in formal employment, and there are not so many job opportunities nowadays anyways.

You can start positioning yourself to build a work online at home business, and I am ready to help you to do just that. This is not going to interfere with your studies, and you will be able to work at it within your own schedule.

Read about this opportunity here, or you can start right away for free here.

Take action

I do hope that this post has enlightened you and that you will be able to start making an extra income as you continue with your studies.

We love feedback. Have you had any experience with any of the opportunities above and you are willing to share? Have you got a comment or a question? We reply to all comments and questions. Drop yours below!

To your online moneys


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