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paying jobs in kenya

Hello fellow Kenyans, Niaje? I do hope that you are reading this when you are well. In this post I am going to highlight to you some cool paying online jobs in Kenya. I do hope that you get the guidance that you are looking for in this post.

Let’s dig in,

Why online job search?

There are several reasons why you may be looking for paying online jobs in Kenya

  1. It goes without saying that massive unemployment is a reality today in Kenya, and the world at large. So if you are unemployed, I will be giving you some paying online job ideas that you can choose from to make an income for yourself.
  2. Some of you are actually employed, but you are probably not making enough income for your upkeep and that of your family. This post is also going to be helpful to you.
  3. I am also cognisant that there are those of you who are unhappy at their jobs, maybe because you do not like the job you are doing or for whatever other reason there may be. Stay tuned for alternatives.
  4. Some Kenyans are just looking for additional Income to supplement their current income (from job or business).
  5. Maybe you are a student and are looking to supplement the upkeep money you get from your parents /guardians.
  6. Some of you have probably tried a lot of money making methods online but have either fallen prey to scams or have not succeeded hither to, or further still, maybe you have not had good results and you are still looking for paying online jobs in Kenya
  7. Some of you may be Stay at home moms and a paying online job in Kenya that you can do whilst being able to take care of your kids or the household would come in handy.

Common problems to us all

I may not exhaust all the scenario that can lead you to look for paying online jobs in Kenya, but I just want to reiterate that this post is for you. I can relate to your situation, I also was looking for paying online jobs in Kenya.

You can read about me here (opens in new window)

Just so you know, I did not get instant results in my quest of looking for paying online jobs that were applicable to me. I trawled the internet for months and had my fair share of predicaments including, but not limited to;

  • Losing a lot of money to online scams and get-rich-quick schemes.
  • Buying into so many online programs / courses that did not get me anywhere, I only ended up getting overwhelmed and more confused.

You see, scams are real, and there’s more of scams than legit platforms out there. I will be doing another post on how to identify scams soon.

Just so you know..

You need to realize that paying online jobs are actually “jobs” that you have to put in a lot of effort and spend time doing the job, only that there is flexibility in your schedule such that you can do the job(s) whatever time you wish to do.

Bottom line is that you have to take action and actually do it.

Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer Kenya

I they bundled the above platforms together as they are similar in the sort of jobs that they offer you to get paid. These are freelance service marketplaces. Go ahead and create your own account in any (or all) of this platforms above and offer your skills and expertise. Quality work is key and you will earn according to what you can offer.

1. Fiverr

At fiverr, you complete tasks known as ‘gigs’ and you get paid once the client confirms that they are happy. You choose the line you want to provide your services in, be it content writing, transcription, SEO expertise services, Web-designing, Banner designing, Logo designing, Video editing and so forth. Bottom line is that you will definitely find something that you can do at Fiverr and get paid for that.

Be sure to optimize your account to portray that you are an expert in what you are doing, provide good service to the clients and you will build your brand in the platform for a fruitful streak. You know what you are good at and you can cash in on it at Fiverr with your skill. You can provide more than one gig, so long as you’ve got expertise in the gig(s) that you are providing. And what’s more, you will set your own pricing and get rewarded the way you feel you should depending on the quality of service you are providing.

Create an account at Fiverr, sell yours skill and start work.

2. Upwork (

There is a slight difference in the way Fiverr and Upwork operate, in that whereas at Fiverr you as the service provider advertises your services and set the price for your gigs, at Upwork the clients post the tasks that they want done and offer what they are willing to pay and you as the service provider has to contact them to offer your services.

The main distinction in a nutshell is that at Fiverr the clients contact you while at Upwork you contact the clients.

While creating your account at Upwork, be sure to choose the ‘I want to work as a freelancer’ option and not the ‘I want to hire for a project’ option. Verify your email address, login setup your account details and start work.

I personally take favorites in Upwork as I get jobs faster and better paying for that matter.

3. Freelancer Kenya (

This is an awesome writing jobs training platform for Kenya’s by Walter Akolo. The founder and owner of this platform has got immense knowledge and experience and will assist anyone willing to cash in on writing. Take a look at his website and follow the sign up instructions that are offered there. Its free for the mini course and will cost you some little money for the main training. Training takes anywhere from a fortnight to a month.

Walter will literally train you and barely a month into his training, you will be an expert and will start earning money by just writing. Of course, you have to put in the work on your part.

4. Earn by commenting on blog posts

Another cool paying online job for you is by writing comments on other people’s blog posts using Wealthy Affiliate platform. What is required is for you to create a gravatar account(free to create) and a Wealthy Affiliate account. There is also a small fee that you pay for your account at wealthy affiliate to start earning Kes 50 per comment that qualify. You can have a look at our detailed post about this opportunity.

Check it out here(opens in new tab)

Online Tasks and Survey sites

There are so many simple tasks platforms out there some of whose pay is mediocre and cannot help you make substantial money for yourselves. Most of the well paying simple task and survey platforms do not have a presence in Kenya. For that reason, I will only dwell on 2 simple tasks and surveys platforms that pay quite well and also are available for Kenyans.

5. Respondent

This is a site where you complete projects that have been posted by clients for you to do. Here you find tasks that pay quite well, anywhere from Kes 5,000 and I have seen tasks that pay even up to Kes 30,000 upon completion and satisfaction of the client(s). You just need to find what you can be able to do well and provide quality work.

6. Surveyeah Kenya

This is purely a surveys platform where you sign up and you will be getting emails with survey offers which you can undertake upon receipt. Here you do not have the luxury to choose the surveys being sent your way, but you do set the preferences for which they base on to send survey jobs to you when you sign up.

7. You can also build your own job to work for yourself

My number one recommended way that you can find a job for yourself in Kenya is to join wealthy affiliate for free and build your own online business where you will be working for yourself. Read our review explaining in detail how wealthy affiliate university will train you the art of making money online and actually hep you to make the money.

Read the wealthy affiliate review here (opens in new tab)

Build a work online at home business for yourself and work at home, with your own terms.

PayPal account for your Online job

For all these platforms that I have highlighted in this post, you will need a secure mode of payment through which you will receive your payments. PayPal is one payment methods that I recommend as its generally accepted in many online platforms, and all the ones highlighted in this article.

Be a doer.

You can’t get paid from all the platforms provided herein for just having the information and doing nothing. You will only get paid if you take action and actually do the job. There is a selection of jobs to choose from, and as aforementioned, and just to reiterate, these are actual jobs that you have to do…meaning you have to put in the effort and time for you to earn. Now you know some of the best paying online jobs in Kenya, take action.

We love feedback at Please comment below, ask any questions and we will reply to you.

You can also write an email to for any private engagement you may want to have with us.

To your online moneys,


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Comments (6)

  1. Wow, you certainly have provided a comprehensive list on how to make money using the power of the internet.

    But, as you say, it is not all smooth sailing, as you actually have to put some hard work in order to make money, and some of these options can take a while before seeing any returns.

    I know of a few people who make good money using Fiver and Upward, but it is a matter of how often you can get work, and whether or not you do it well enough to get repeat business.

    I just wondered if Freelancer Kenya is only for residents of Kenya, or is it for people worldwide?

    Personally, I love the idea of building my own business that will pay me back over time. This is why I have gone the Wealthy Affiliate route, as I want to be making a full time income online in the future, without having to work for others.

    • Hello Michel, thanks for your comments and question.

      Freelancer Kenya is founded and owned by a Kenyan and I believe the founders intentions were to help Kenyan’s. However, the work he teaches is global and anyone can pertake…for that matter, I think that all the opportunity is global.

      All you gotta do is contact him through his website and inquire to be given a training chance in his platform.

      Best regards

  2. This is an incredibly useful and handy post to come upon.  I was very interested to see how many options and ideas that you present in order to add value and assistance to those seeking to make some additional income.  I have had experience on Upwork and recommend them.  I have yet to experience the Fiverr platform.  Have you had any direct experience with Fiverr?

    • Hello Bex, Fiverr is good as well. It’s a little tough for beginners but as you keep doing gigs and you get good reviews from clients, you start becoming an a brand and more and more work comes your way.

      You gotta start slow though, and be prepared to take a price cut on your initial jobs as you build your clientelle base.

      Thanks for your question and best regards

  3. Hi Victor! Very interesting article about paying online jobs in Kenya. As you are saying there are many opportunities but also many scams like get-rich-quick schemes. By my opinion the best option would be Wealthy Affiliate or Freelancer Kenya. Thanks for sharing with us and keep up the good work!

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