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How to learn affiliate marketing for free-newbie friendly method

make money with affiliate marketing

In this article I am going to delve into ‘how to learn affiliate marketing’, especially for those new to the affiliate marketing industry or new to online income sources as a whole.

Making money online is becoming more popular by the day, with more and more people looking to start online business and create an income for a myriad of reasons, including, but not limited to the following;

  • Quest to find job replacing incomes online for those who are poorly remunerated at their jobs or those who do not like their jobs. Its common to have people who are stuck at their workplaces because they simply have no other option, lest they will not be able to earn an income for their upkeep (and that of their families).
  • Some people are looking for extra sources of income besides their job or business. Also, to note is that there is an ever-increasing cost of living burden in many countries at the moment so many people are looking to increase cash flow, and online sources of income come in handy to supplement current sources.
  • Some people are simply jobless, with or without education we all know that unemployment is a phenomenon that most people face and some of these people look around on the internet for Income sources
  • Students in colleges, universities and other educational institutions are increasingly getting involved with online money making programmes
  • Stay at home moms and or housewives are increasingly getting involved with making money online as well.

Understand affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a method of making money online that entails one selling, or facilitating the selling of a product online that he or she has not produced/manufactured with the view of being paid a commission, which is often calculated as a percentage of the value of the good/service that is being sold.

In a nutshell, we can say that affiliate marketers provide a connection between product sellers and/or service providers with buyers and get rewarded for facilitating this, more often by the seller.

Why affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the biggest method of making money online I reckon and has, and will continue to provide decent income to people venturing online.

With advancement in technology, and the modernization process that is ongoing world over, E-commerce is increasing exponentially and the world is shifting towards doing business online rather than offline. Buying and selling of goods and services has been eased and hastened, and efficiency of trade bolstered with online marketing.

Positioning yourself…

To be able to tap into the affiliate marketing cake, one needs to gain training in the field to be able to do it effectively, and most importantly profitably.

Its paramount that you attach yourself to the best teachers there are, who are very skilled and have got the expertise and experience to guide you through. You need a platform that can ‘ride’ with you all the way, and does not allow you to have complications in your journey.

The bottlenecks to learning affiliate marketing

Much as more and more people are venturing into affiliate marketing, it’s not necessarily an easy ride to the newbie. Infant, affiliate marketing is quite the nightmare for new people starting out online as the learning curve can be excruciating and tiresome.

Many have given up on the way as it’s not easy if one does not have proper training. A lot of people have also fallen prey to scam syndicates and dishonest individuals that swindle money from unsuspecting newcomers.

Others have simply gotten stuck or given up altogether due to not getting results at all, or not getting good results

The other big challenge is not having the required tools to be able to run the business. You need websites, domains, hosting, relevant word press plugins, auto-responder, keyword research tools among others.

Finances are also a challenge to many starting out and even to fairly older marketers in the game that are not making good profit yet, or no profit at all.

The method I picked

Having looked at the challenges that are there for affiliate marketers, and especially new comers to the industry, we see that it’s important to have a platform that offers an elaborate method which is particularly newbie friendly.

I happen to have some experience with online money making methods, and in this case to affiliate marketing. I had so many struggles as I started out about a year ago, lost a lot of money to scams, ended up paying exorbitant fees for mediocre platforms and tools.

However, I never gave up and finally I came to learn about a platform that I reckon is like no other.

This platform is known as Wealthy affiliate and is rich with all a newbie looking to learn and succeed with affiliate marketing would need, I mean all.

Just to mention a few, wealthy affiliate offers and teaches you the below even for free members;

  • Interaction with fellow expert marketers and aspiring marketers via live chat
  • Understanding the process of earning money online
  • Choosing your own niche from scratch
  • Creating your very own niche website
  • Setting your website for massive success in search engines
  • Activating website extensions that add many new website features
  • Understanding how to create, find, and install one of over 20,000 plugins on your website
  • Create your content on your niche website
  • Receive timely help/support when you needed it
  • Understands the process of finding low competition, high traffic keywords
  • Create a list of a bunch of awesome keywords
  • Create valuable content within your niche that is getting ranked in Google
  • Learn new skills that will lead you to long term success

These you learn in level one lesson alone, and there are several levels that are filled with massive content.

At WA, you learn while making money and as you progress to become an expert, the content being taught advances as well. The community is awesome and accommodating, not leaving anyone behind.

There is a whole section of affiliate boot camp being taught that will come in handy for you.

You can start flexing your muscles by promoting the rich platform itself.

I cannot exhaust all that wealthy affiliate offers even if I wrote 20 articles about it, because the platform, founded and owned by Kyle and Carson is laden with a lot of information to awe you.

=>>>>Checkout our in-depth wealthy affiliate review to have a better insight of the platform.

What you should do now

So like most things, you cannot make money online with affiliate marketing, or any other method without taking action. If, for some reason I would have not taken action I would not have been able to succeed with affiliate marketing.

I urge you to get into wealthy affiliate now and see all the value you will be getting.

You can start now by clicking here and creating an account FOR FREE!

Do this for yourself, and thank me later.

I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment, ask any question or just say Hello. You can as well let me know what you would like for me to write about in future in line with making money online methods.

Until next time,

With you in making money online,


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  1. Affiliate marketing is a concept I came across during my search on ways to make money online. Before that I’ve fallen into the pits of scams here and there because of my quest to find ways to make money with the internet. To know more about affiliate marketing, I took on the internet during which I came across the platform you’re recommending – Wealthy Affiliate. 

    It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I don’t regret joining this community which I personally call “Affiliate University”. It a good place for affiliate marketers to be trained for this business. Thanks for the good work you’re doing. 

    • Hi there, thanks for your message.
      Its true Wealthy affiliate is a platform like no other, and I like that you are loving it at Wealthy affiliate hitherto.
      Rest assured that you are in the right platform and if you keep taking action, your success is inevitable

      Best of luck

  2. Good article. So many people worry about their job security whether they like their job or not and struggling to pay the bills if you are under or unemployed is horrible and draining. Showing people a better way to earn income that will benefit themselves and their families is a great thing to be able to do.

    • Many thanks for your comment, its my pleasure to assist and point those in need of help in the right direction
      Best regards

  3. I have tried several stuffs online including get rich quick hypes. I have built several Amazon affiliate sites that found it difficult to rank and make money because I didn’t follow the right approach. Until I also came in contact with this gold mine called wealthy affiliate. I started first with the starter plan and I really learnt a lot and I knew upgrading to the premium membership is worth the investment. I upgraded recently and I can’t wait to share my success story.

    If you have tried several things online and you’re about to give up or you just believe making money online is not possible, then this is for you. Give WA a chance and you won’t regret it cos it’s the last bus stop to success.

    • Get rich quick schemes are a no go zone for me, glad you learned that WA is where you can build your sites and succeed online with them.

  4. Online world has expanded at a phenomenal rate. And it will continue to grow.  We have entered into the digital landscape where everything (..almost everything) will be accessible though online world. This is a good time enter into affiliate marketing programs. Wealth Affiliate is a top notch program for affiliate marketing training.

    • Couldn’t agree more, positioning oneself early enough will have immense benefits, and Yes, WA is the go to platform
      Thanks for your comments

  5. This is detailed and informative. The WA platform is truly amazing. I signed up recently, still undergoing training, I’ve learnt a lot and I must say the support system is awesome.

    There’s really lot of scam platforms and products online these days. Thank you Victor for pointing interested affiliate marketers in the right direction.

    • Many thanks, I hope you are enjoying your ride at WA, Feel free to contact me should you need any assistance
      Best regards

  6. Hi Victor. I agree that there are a lot of scams out there. I too have lost money to these scammers. Wealthy Affiliate is a wonderful, amazing place. I have found the training absolutely brilliant and the support second to none. Affiliate marketing is a great way to escape any financial crisis and create a lucrative business.

    let’s all have fun and make money!

    • You got that right man, lets all have some fun making money and spending it..It does not have to be excruciating and annoying to make money.
      Best regards

  7. Hi checked out your site and found it clean and nice. I would add more color in the posts to bring some difference in color view. Finally you also need to get an auto responder to capture leads and finally our list. Would help to include a photo of yourself to create some branding about your image. 

    Need to think about what would you like to sell finally.  It is helpful to create call to action in your posts so that your readers and buy your recommendations 

    Do you have social media facebook or youtube Include links to your account to get your posts out there also.

    Hope this helps


  8. Hello Victor, good post, I had to go back to when I first joined Wealthy Afffiliate (WA). I wish I had found a post like this. It would have saved me  a lot of money.  In this day and age where we are hearing of people getting laid off a few weeks before  Christmas here in North America I think this is a must read post and a call to action.

  9. With advancement in technology and people searching online for various things, Affliate marketing is really an opportunity to make money online. The best thing about Affliate marketing is that anyone can do it. Of course this is not a walk  in the park. Personally, I learnt about affiliate marketing after being scammed online trying to make an extra income. Fortunately for me, I am still learning about affiliate marketing through the very informative training I am receiving at Wealthy Affliate. This is the number choice for anyone who wants to build a successful business in affiliate marketing. It’s free to join and there’s help if you have no clue what to do. To date I have no regrets, i’m Just excited with all the training, meeting new people and building my affiliate marketing business. 

    • Thanks for your comment.
      Continue with the training, and I can promise you that you will never regret the decision you made to join WA.
      Get back to me should you need any assistance

      Best regards

  10. I agree. There are so many pluses to joining up and making a career on Wealthy Affiliate platform. The two best things about this platform are : the training, and the support. When starting out there is always a fear that all this technical stuff is difficult. At WA, there are always people willing to help with several methods of explaining the same topic. The affiliate marketing program is easy to understand and implement, and it is one of the many attractive features at WA. 

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