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How to earn money online for writing comments-earn $50+ per day for just writing comments (Global opportunity)

earn money online for writing

In this post I want to enlighten you on how to earn money online for writing, yes for just writing comments. It’s a simple method to earn you $0.5 for writing 50 words, and then you do this over and over again. With this method, $1000+ are within your reach. Making money online could never be made any easier.

Stay tuned and learn how to earn money for writing comments on blog posts.

The steps

I will take you through the 6 simple steps of how this is done so you can be able to follow through. Are you ready to learn how to earn money online for writing comments?

Let’s go;steps on how to earn money online for writing comments

  1. Create a Free account at wealthy affiliate.
  2. Create a gravatar account for free.
  3. Become a certified commentor.
  4. Upgrade your account.
  5. Create qualified comments and earn money.
  6. Get paid via PayPal or direct to your bank account.

If you can write 100 qualified comments on blog posts in a day, you can earn $50 per day.
The steps highlighted above is the answer to your question on how to earn money online for writing comments. Let’s delve into each of the steps in detail.

1. Free Wealthy Affiliate account

This is a one if a kind platform that will give you immense benefits in your quest to make money online, among which is to pay you $0.5 for every qualified comment you write on websites.

Wealthy affiliate provides a fun way on how to earn money online for writing comments and doing other things as well.

=>>>>You can create a wealthy affiliate account for free by clicking here.

Ensure to set up your account by uploading a profile image of your liking, writing a brief bio or description, Setting your goals and Starting the training.

Once you create an account at wealthy affiliate, write me an email on and tell me your profile name. I will get in touch with you and personally help you to build an online business for yourself.learn how to make money online for writing comments

2. Gravatar account

Setting up a gravatar account is very easy. In a nutshell, you just need to create a account and then simply authorize the wordpress account to connect to gravatar. What’s more? You can be able to do this with ease as there are instructions within wealthy affiliate that you just need to follow to do this.

On your Wealthy affiliate account dashboard, Click on ‘Websites’, then ‘SiteComments‘ and Select ‘My Settings‘ You will see instructions on how to create a gravatar account.

While on the same page, Select the Interests for which you are comfortable commenting on and Click Save. (I’d select all interests so that to have more blog options available to you to be able to comment on and earn)

If you have completed up to this point, You are very close to unlocking how to earn money online for writing comments.

3. Become a certified commentor.

To be certified as a commentor on Wealthy affiliate, you only need to create 50 qualified comments on websites.

Qualified Comments are;certified commentor

  • Comments that have 50+ words
  • Comments that are unique, original and relevant to the post
  • Comments that do not contain any links.

4. Upgrade your account.

Now you are just 1 step away from earning money online by just writing comments. You can upgrade your account at any point you deem right for you, even before you become a certified commentor. You can even upgrade your account as soon as you sign up. Ideally, you want to upgrade within the first week of joining the platform so you benefit on the rebate that is given to first time premium members. If you manage to catch the rebate, you will only pay $29 for the first month.

The billing thereafter is just $49 per month, or $29.9 per month if you pay for a whole year upfront ($359)

Don’t worry, the monthly payment of $49 is worth only 100 paid comments. This is no brainer and you can recover this in 2 days work (or less) of commenting!

5. Create qualified comments and earn

Now you are ready to earn money online by just making comments. All you have to do is continue writing the comments one after the other depending on your speed and capability.
Let me show you the money:

Each qualified comment will earn you either a community credit or a cash credit. Community credits do not carry a moneytory value, but will come in handy if, and when you start building your money making websites on the platform.start earning money

Cash credits have a moneytory value of $0.5 each and this is where the money is;

The first 50 comments that you made earn you community credits and also enabled you to be certified as a commentor. After 50 comments, you will earn cash credits and community credits in alternate fashion. All you have to do now is keep commenting and the money will keep stacking up in your wealthy affiliate account.


=>>>>Start your journey to making money online by clicking here(opens in new tab)

Take action

The ball is now in your court, take action and start to make money online by writing you know how to.

Follow the steps above and make yourself a work at home online business.
PS: I recommend that you take a look around in your wealthy affiliate account, read the periodic blog posts that people share and follow the training contained in the platform, and you will realize that there are other avenues that you can use to make even more money with the aid of the platform.

Check out our in-depth review of wealthy affiliate.

=>>>>Find the review here

We are glad to have shared with you on how to earn money online for writing comments and we hope that this post has been helpful.

Feel free to go through the rest of our posts on this site.

We love feedback. Please comment below, ask any questions. We reply to all comments and questions

To your online moneys,


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Comments (8)

  1. I never thought that writing comments alone can earn up to $1000. I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate but I haven’t started to earn money by giving comments. Why not start with building a niche website? I guess it is more profitable in the long run. I have seen people earning 6 didits income yearly just by writing a blog. I think anyone should do this. 

  2. Hi Victor! Thank you very much for showing us this great opportunity to earn money online. There are so many ways people claim you can earn money. Some are scams and others are legit. The legit ones require some type of background knowledge. But this opportunity you are presenting suits everybody. Writing comments seems simple. I’ll check it out.

    • Hello Henry, do check it out alright.

      If you have any questions you can revert back to me

      Best regards

  3. I love the insightful article and the information. I am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and I can sure use a way of paying for my monthly subscriptions. I will definitely try it out.   How can you use community points?  I have read different ways of making money online which are difficult to do but this one is great.

    • Hello Euphrasia,

      Thanks for your comments and questions.

      You can use your community credits to get site feedback/comments on your posts from within wealthy affiliate.


  4. I have just been looking at your website and found it very clear and useful way to be earning income whilst continuing to build my own niche website as well. My understanding of the advantages of writing comments on other peoples websites is twofold 1 is that you can start earning a consistent income, and 2 that you will eventually become more skilful in building better content into your own website in time.

    • Hi Alan, thanks for your comment.

      I agree, writing comments exposes you to many articles that you have to read and in so doing helps polish your writing skills as well.

      Best regards

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