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How money is made online-and why people fail to make money on the internet.


Money! money! money!

How is money made online? Every day, there are new systems and platforms being introduced, and all of them are claiming to help people to make money online. They all come with pomp and hype and if you are not careful, you may end up joining every other system/platform that is being launched and not succeed in any of them.

Some are actually good, don’t get me wrong, but I thought it wise to enlighten you that whatever you hear or read about regarding money making methods, be it free to start systems, DFY(Done For You) systems, OTS(Over the shoulder) them.

In this article I am I going to explain to you how money is actually made online, with the view that after going through, you will be able to decipher whether a venture online is worth your time or not.

Before we get to that, let’s start with offline money making processes.

Offline money making methods

Here is a typical example of how money is made in an offline setup.

Say you are employed as a tractor driver in an agricultural company, and tractor driver mowing hayyou are given instructions to mow and bale hay so that it can be sold.


In the scenario above, the tractor driver has to offer a SERVICE as per his employer’s instructions to be able to earn a wage. Also, note that the employer in this case has to ensure that the service is done so he can have the GOODS(hay bales) to SELL and make money.

Here we see two parties making money right?


For money to be made offline, something (a good or a service) has to be sold (except for thieves and the corrupt in society who have their own unorthodox ways of making money).
What of online, is it the same case?

Let’s find out.

  1. You sign up to a PTC site, surveys site, gig sites like Fiverr or Upwork. After completion of a task, you get paid.
  2. Another person produces an e-book, uploads on Warrior Plus or Clickbank, sells it and get paid.
  3. Yet another person builds a website sells it on
  4. You learn about affiliate marketing, or sell wealthy affiliate platform and earn commissions.

something has to be soldI could go on and on..but a pattern has come out clear, In all these examples. How did money get made?? You got it correct, something has to be sold, be it a service or a good.
Before I move to the next thing, I also need to mention that there are also scammers online who, just like in the offline setup where we have thieves and the corrupt, scammers steal and gain money online illegitimately through unscrupulous ways.
Seriously, scams are real online and almost everybody venturing online knows that, and it should always resonate in your mind that you have to tread carefully when venturing online. You need not be paranoid though, just be keen with what you engage in online and you will be fine.

The research phase

What are you going to sell to make money?
Next time you are introduced to a platform that is supposedly going to help you to make money online, you need to understand what it is that youe are going to sell to be able to make the money, is it your service? or are you going to sell the platform itself? or are you going to sell product(s) within the platform?

Is the product(s) sellable?

To determine whether there is potential for you to succeed in a venture online it’s very simple actually, especially if you know that something has to be sold. And in this case you have found out what to sell; You just have to find out whether the product(s) in the platform you want to get involved in is sellable enough. Is it worth the salt? Does the product(s) have a value to help leverage potential buyers?

The selling phase.

Now you know that people online pretty much make money in the same process, selling stuff (except for scammers). So why do some (the minority) succeed while others (the majority) fail to make money online?
Below are the reasons why most people do not succeed with selling online (hence not making money online)

  • Not doing enough research to be able to understand the loopholes-spend most of the time in this phase

If you do not do research on any product that you come across to help you make money online, you may not have started off well. You are supposed to find out, as outlined above, what you are going to actually sell, and whether it is sellable. Should this two aspects remain fuzzy in your research phase of any product, maybe its something that you want to stop venturing into as you are bound to fail with it.

I know you don’t want to start selling a product that is not valuable and be thorough with your research phase.

  • Not being action takers.

Now some people are just not doers, they find a good platform to help them make money online, but simply do not take action. Like in the offline setup, you actually have to put in effort in the online scenario as well.

  • Not packaging a product well

The next critical thing that comes is the ability to present the product in an appealing, yet realistic and honest manner to gain the trust of your prospective leads. This is where training comes in to equip you with skills on how tackle the selling process and actually make sales.

  • Lack of patience

Say you do everything correct and do not get immediate results, you should not quit and move on to the next available opportunity or quit altogether. If you are certain that you are doing the process correctly, keep at it and results will come in due time to reward your efforts. Lack of patience will make you to fall into the following trap;

  • Taking up so many things at a go

While it is not bad at all to diversify in a number of platforms at the same time, just be sure you are able to sustain all the platforms that you are engaged in and that you are able to give all the attention required to each of the platforms. You need not keep hoping on to new things coming up lest you will be overwhelmed, you will lack the concentration to perfect in any of the platforms and, with diminished chances of success, you may be forced to quit.

Take home

  1. You should realise that you have to sell a product to earn money online.
  2. Find a product (s) that you want to sell, that is sellable.
  3. Decide how you want to sell and work on perfecting this process you intend to use.
  4. Package the good/service to appeal to your prospects, but do it honestly and realistically,
  5. Once you set the above in motion, be patient, remain consistent and results will come.

I do hope that this post has given you fresh insights to help you with your quest to make money on the Internet. Kindly share this post with your friends on social media.

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Comments (4)

  1. I have been introduced to different platforms online where I was told I can earn money but I have made nothing out of those platforms,but reading through this post, I have discovered the reasons why I have failed in making money online. it’s just like you know what i do when you said “lack of patience”. Thanks for posting this article,because from this moment I will be following the guidelines you made on this post to achieve my goal of making money online and I will strongly share this post for other people for them to benefit from it.

    • Thanks Lok, I am glad this post has been of assistance to you.

      You will succeed if you remain patient and work the process. Yes share this, by all means

      Best regards and happy new year

  2. Hello there,

    I think one of the main reasons why some people fail at making money online is due to the fact that they don’t do enough research on the subject and rush things. Making money online is not easy, and it requires a lot of studying, practice and hard work. And unfortunately, people are either too lazy to do enough research to successfully build an online career or simply feel too confident and just rush things without realizing that they have missed on some very crucial and important steps. 

    The second big reason why I think some people are unsuccessfulat creating some kind of online business that would bring them revenue- is the lack of patience and giving up without putting necessary amount of hard work and time into it. Money doesn’t come easy and just like with everything in life, if You want to achieve big & significant things in life, be ready to put some sweat, tears and blood in it. It’s really painful to see so many young and talented people just give up & fold their hands when things get tough. when in reality they have absolutely everything to achieve their set goals! I know for myself that for an online business to start delivering some decent results, a solid amount of time must be given for it to grow to the state of delivering those decent results. You don’t need to rush things, just keep working hard on what You do and You will  get there eventually! The only barriers which we meet in our life are only the ones which we create ourselves. If other people made it, then so can You! Online making opportunities are absolutely for everybody of any age and any skillset. And the best thing about building an online business, is the fact that absolutely anybody can do it. All of the information and content which You need for creating a succesful online business is on the internet, therefore a person has absolutely everything he, or she needs to achieve their goals. And the only way to achieve those goals is by studying, working hard and being patient. Your bright days will come, just don’t give up! 

    Thanks for such informative and detailed article, I truly see it as a great source of motivation and knowledge for anybody who is interested in online money making opportunities! Keep up the great work and Happy New Year!

    • Many thanks Evald for your comments, I agree with you…research and patience are key, and one must work at it to make an online business succeed.

      Happy new year to you too

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