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Hello everyone and welcome to my site.

I am happy to have you here and I request you to hang on so we can soar together.

Just over a year now I have been venturing online to make money, make an online business and to be able to make a better life for my family.

I started doing this majorly because I was not making enough money to have a lifestyle I had envisioned for myself and my family.

I am not there yet, still a long way to go but I have made some strides already, and probably I have grasped a thing or two that can help you and am here to share.

WE ALL NEED THE SAME THING.we all need money

It goes without saying that money is one of the common denominators for all humans. We need money, all of us! I need not explain anything about how we all need money, for clothing, shelter, food & water (basic needs), a little luxury here and there…you name it!

However, the bigger percentage of us DO NOT have abundance in the thing we need most to have a comfortable lifestyle. Save for a few in Society, We are struggling to make ends meet, often living from hand-to-mouth. We get into the school system, spend half our life acquiring knowledge spending lots of money (that we don’t really have) only to get out of the system to start looking for jobs, some get, most do not….and the suffering continues.

We end up having so many knowledgeable citizens, with no good source of income, or none at all.

Now we have unhappy people;

  • who do not have jobs
  • who do not have good jobs or jobs they like
  • who do not make enough money to have a comfortable life

And then the loans/debts start creeping in…story for another post!

Can you relate with anything up to now? I thought so.

The Cyclethe cycle

We end up in this loop highlighted above, get married, make new families still in the same loop and our children go through the same system. Pretty boring and unfulfilling if you ask me.

Now what kind of society do we end up with? Please answer that.

You do not like it!

I know you do not like NOT having enough money with all the energy you are putting in whatever you are doing.

Stay tuned on this website to learn about ways that can make things to change…for the better!


Do you need money?

Are you reading this? (Meaning you are online, you have internet access!)

Do you need an extra income source besides your current source?

Do you want a job replacing Income?

Are you looking for an online job?

Are you a student and could do with extra income to supplement your folks/guardians upkeep?

If your answer is yes to any of this questions above, this site is for you!


My objective is to help, help, help where I can.

I can share my experiences, and I am able to, why shouldn’t I?

Hither to, I have had my fair share of successes and failures alike. Yes I am making some money online. I have also fallen prey to online scams and lost money in the process…lots of it. Due to the foregoing, I have a strong feeling that I will be able to help other people as they can mirror my steps and do better than I am doing, learn from my mistakes and jump-start online careers.

I also expect to learn from you, share ideas and have fun whilst we are at it.

Feel free to get in touch; Drop a comment, critic me, ask a question or just say Hi

To your online moneys.


Founder of

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